We’re a coalition of farmers and ranchers local to the Austin area dedicated to forming personal relationships built on trust and common food values with our knowledgeable customer consumers.

Most of our animals have names and we don’t put anything in our gardens that we wouldn’t (haven’t) consumed or poured-on ourselves. Our figurative gates are always open for process transparency and we love sharing our unique stories.

Why Not for Humans?

Circle your chairs closer; allow me to speak frankly. Current food production regulations do not provide a fair chance at profitability to small, idealistic farms like ours. After a few years struggling through the initial agricultural startup the dream to grow a family on a modest parcel of sustainably maintained earth seems silly.

Why we local farmers were ever concerned with challenging the status quo quality of food when the nationalized behemoths handle quantity so efficiently without frivolous regard to pricy values and standards may never make sense. Hail to the cellophane packaged, ambiguously labeled food things to which we’re daily directed!

The Almighty FDA

Akin to other government agencies we here at Not 4 Human Consumption believe that all directives passed down from disconnected authority should be blindly followed. Herein you’ll find writings and linked articles supporting the overarching theme that Big Brother always knows best.

Need more convincing? Just read about the latest ties between FDA’s watered down stance on organic standards as of late and “big ag’s” lobbying efforts. Or how the US beef industry has recently adopted “grass fed” and “natural” labels though they’ve done little to change their disease infested feedlot practices. It’ll give you the warm and fuzzies. I’d trust them with my firstborn baby.